Free Autism Courses with Certificates

Help make the world a little more autism-friendly

Spread awareness, understand autism and gain a recognised qualification for free via an online Understanding Autism Course

Free Autism Courses with Certificates

Funded by the UK Government via the Education and Skills Funding Agency. Accredited by TQUK.

Free Autism Courses with Certificates funded by uk government

Diagnoses of autism have been on the increase in the UK

Based on the number of referrals in the system, there are around 100,000 children and 1,000,000 adults with autism

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Why learn with us?

By spreading awareness and understanding, together we can make a difference.

A difference in the likes of employment prospects, bullying incidents at schools and how society sees autism.

What you can learn

Contribute to working towards a society that embraces autism, autistic people and their families

What's meant by 'autism'

Your introduction to autism, covers what is meant by ‘autism’, theories, and diagnosis.

You will also look at common misconceptions associated with autism and conditions that can co-occur with autism.

Person-centred support

Discover the advantages of a person-centred approach to support, incorporating the preferences and needs of the individual.

Look at legislation and guidance, and the support networks available to individuals and their families.


Explore the potential delays and difficulties in speech, language, and social development sometimes faced by individuals with autism.

Understand methods and strategies that could be used when communicating with individuals.

Sensory processing

Gain an understanding of sensory processing, perception, and cognition in individuals with autism – including looking at hypersensitivity and hyposensitivity.

Consider how to support the sensory needs of individuals with autism.

Positive behaviour

Through this unit you will understand individuals’ behaviours in the context of autism.

You will also look at how to support positive behaviour and help individuals to develop coping strategies.

Fulfilled lives

Learn how to support through transitions and life events, how to maintain their personal safety, and how to access services, and facilities.

You will also gain an understanding of what it’s like for an individual to live with autism.

Free Autism Courses with Certificates

Teaching Staff

Essential free online training for teaching staff from all roles, sectors and phases.


Information and guidance on needs, and behaviour that support a happy and fulfilled life.


Support the development, and quality of life of people with autism and progress in your career in care.

Our story

Free Courses Autism is an initiative of Free Courses in England an established name in online education.

Free Autism Courses with Certificates

With the growing popularity of Autism training, the dedicated organisation Free Courses Autism was born…

Free Autism Courses with Certificates

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