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Free Courses Autism
Free Autism Courses with Certificates a Free courses in England initiative

Over 70,000 people have chosen to study via Free Courses in England

Giving the opportunity to make that first step in possibly making a real difference in someone’s life.


Our core value is honesty. Honesty with our clients, partners, employees and learners. 

Our purpose is to help all those around us gain access to a more healthy future, honesty is at the core of this.


To collaborate across the UK in innovative ways to connect with the very best learning providers and institutions. 

To make a real impact, we appreciate that a joint effort is needed. We are always willing to collaborate with organisations and learning providers across the nation that encompass the same values as we do.

Making a difference

Our motivation is clear, we want to help people change lives for the better. Whether that is through career progression, or studying a subject closer to home. 

Making a difference is what we are all about, it is why our 50 + members of staff put so much passion into sharing these courses.